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Re-JUNE-venate 2011 - Task #19 - Garden Awe - Right Side

Re-JUNE-venate 2011 - Task #19 - Garden Awe - Right Side

This is a the first of a two-page layout; I had to do two pages because there were details that would be lost if the picture sizes were reduced too much.

This one took longer too because I was limited to what would fit due to the photo size and it took a while to find just the right images/elements/brushes, etc.

Supply List:
flower stem - Becky's Creations






correensilke Chore Day Alphas

    Great two page layout, I like the background and the photo mat!
    Well you certainly made it look easy. What cute critters! (The snail and the handsome young man)..LOL
    Love your photos! I like the stem and leaves going up the page.
    Your photos are great, and I enjoy two page LO's. Great job on them both.