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Helping Mama

Nicholas is always eager to help with the garden chores. I just wonder how long that will Last????


BMU_SSPaper_Fabric Stacks

BMU_SSBrushSet_Fabric Stamps

BMU_SSEMB_Trinket Charms

SNU_SSAlpha_Painted Stencil

SNU_SSEMB_Handmade Boxes_Nestled

BMU_A Gardener's Diary

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The photo looks wonderful blended into the fabric piece—gives it just the right amount of texture. And oh, the queen of children extractions! One of the hardest subjects I think there is to extract, but you do it as if it was magic! And the poses always fit so well to sit on things or lean against things or just look so ‘right’ in the scene you’ve made for them. Just look at how he’s sitting on the box stack turning slightly to point at something in the photo. And that look on his face in the one where he’s looking at us is just SO Nick. Love the way you made a background scene, too—fading the sky to grass. Absolutely marvelous, Joyce.

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Love the photo on fabric and your wonderful extractions--posing him on the boxes is so nifty as if he nonchalantly hopped up there! great LO!!!

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Hi :-) this is just brilliant. Really. Like the other comments the extractions caught my eye, you did an amazing job- especially loving the placement on the box and how it links the other pics! The background is spot on too, terrific choice :-) lastly I wanted to say the fabric pieces and the bits and pieces behind them add such a delicate whimsical feel to Nicholas' hard work - I just love this!! So inspiring!

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This is absolutely stunning! Fabulous extractions, beautiful texture and colors, and it is worthy of displaying in a picture frame. And what a cutie-patootie!

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