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Swap 4 Conda-2 (Sodscrap)


Heather Whitman 2011

Swap 4 Conda-2  (Sodscrap)

Swap 4 Conda-2 (Sodscrap)

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BMU_Zoomba 2011_05_01 SGClub


Bath Time - with Alpha
I'm so cute in my best outf8it and my bowtie
Very tasty but not too filling!!!
I'm melting! My tail's being sucked down the drain!
Snuggle me! Cuddle me! Warm me! Dry me!

    Love the bubbles with Noodles talking, Heatheranne! What a cutie Noodle is, Conda!
    This is just such a darling 2-pager and a story all of us dog-lovers can relate to.
    Oh you have me in stitches here Heather - great imagination of what Noodles is saying!!
    This one is so funny. Cute photos. Love the bubbles and Noodles talking.
    Love this second page and all of the talking bubbles. Noodle is just too adorable. Love the background and the bubbles and those pretty flower clusters. Great two page spread.
    This one is cute too, Heatheranne!
    So cute - love the out of bounds!
    Absolutely adorable! Thanks for joining the swap this month!
    What a HOOT! Your thought bubbles are great!! He looks like such a rat all wet!! I like the out of bounds photo and the flower clusters are great! Thank you Heather!!