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Swap 4 Conda (Sodscrap)


Heather Whitman 2011

Swap 4 Conda  (Sodscrap)

Swap 4 Conda (Sodscrap)

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BMU_Zoomba 2011_05_01 SGClub


Wet Dry - Bead Alpha
Feb 2010
April 2010

    Oh, so colorful and what adorable pics of Conda's doggie! I love the way you did the title and I love, love the background you used in this layout, Heatheranne! Such a happy, happy layout of such a wet little Noodle!
    What a fun, vibrant LO. And what a pitiful little dog. They can really 'put on a face' during bath time, can't they?! Poor, poor me, it says. I don't think I ever met a dog that liked bath time.
    Such a colorful and beautiful LO (as usual, Heather!!). The photos are just adorable. I love the photos in "bubble" form - just likes bubbles from the bath time - very clever woman!!
    Noodle is adorable. Love the photos and the collection that you used. Really lovely layout.
    Love the layout. Noodle is absolutely adorable and those photos are just wonderful. Love your title in the bubbles. That is so cute.
    That's hilarious, great page, I mean, who doesn't like a wet Noodle?
    Noodle is adorable wet and dry - what a great idea for opposites!

    Love both pages!
    I love this! The colors are so fun and bright and the title looks like soap bubbles! What a fun layout!
    This is great Heather!! Thank you!! I love the bright colors and the bubbles!
    What sweet photos. I love all the bubbles, Heatheranne.