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Task 19 Re-JUNE-venate

Task 19 Re-JUNE-venate

Used photos from Task #17 and the technique learned in Task #18 (played around with the tone curves in the photos).

JRE SS Paper A Quiet Place
ASO Raw Material
BMU Squirt
KVE SS Tools Styles Subtle Photos 7601


    Oh wow, this is lovely. The soft blue is so pretty. Great photos. Love the circles and the bubbles.
    How cute this is. I love the bubbles and circles. The bubble wrap is so clever.
    Oh WOW...look at this one! I really love how you used the blower in your journaling. So much fun.
    I love the photos inside bubbles! Great idea and lovely layout !
    Love the photos in the bubbles! Very sweet layout.
    Bubble wrap! Nice one.
    very fun layout! (and your photos match perfectly! ^_^ )