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Tickle Time Task 24

Tickle Time  Task 24

Maybe 3rd time is charm. I've taken this down two times after seeing something I didn't like. I really enjoyed looking around the house and finding new inspiration. However, had a hard time putting things together on my "shower curtain." It may not be done, but I'm finished. LOL

Supplies in EXIF

    I like your page. We had that shower curtain for many years. I always loved the look and feel of it. And it looks great as a component of your page. Great job!
    This is adorable! I love the way you did the lettering in the circle, and how you cropped your photos. Delightful!
    I love your shower curtain and the photos in the circle are really great. Such fun!
    I don't know what the other LOs looked like before this ~ but this is adorable. In the thumbnail especially, it looks like the circle leads down a "hole"....very cool perspective with the curtain. I like the charms you have dangling from the circle. Photos are too cute!
    Great layout and what you did with the shower curtain somehow really looks like how you feel when tickled!
    I love your cute photos and how you arranged them in a circle and I also really like your titles.
    (PS - I am also having a lot of trouble putting the pieces of the tasks together in a layout. Hope i have half as much success as you!)
    Hey, it looks done to me. I love the paper that you made from the shower curtain.
    I love the perspective of your background and way it looks with the twisted mesh brush! The whole layout looks great to me. Adorable photos, and embellishments, too.
    I think it's fantastic.
    I really like the colors from the curtain you used as inspiration! I think you did a great job on the background. It's a really cool effect!