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.......and one more thing!

.......and one more thing!

I can count on my Scrap Girl Friends to bring a smile to me every single day! Scrap Girl Friends are the best, so this is for all of you who make me giggle every single day.

My little smiling friend is one of my siggies on my cell phone.......

I used Angie's Gypsy Boots!

    How cure Sara!! Your LO made me smile!!
    Love the crazy little rabbit - that kind of how I picture myself! Very cute.
    That's great! :lol:
    I Smiled the instant I saw this layout! -- You make us SMILE too Sara!! - Love the layout! -and the rabbit!
    too funny :)
    Wow! This really caught my eye! What a fun layout! Great job :2468who-do-we-appreciate:
    LOL, adorable. Love the collection you chose for this sweet page. Right back atcha!
    very cute!
    Ah Sara, this is adorable. And reminds me of "Columbo" too! Thanks for the day brightener!!
    Very cute, and this layout made me smile.