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This was my first take on the "Independence" idea.

My DH was working on DD bike, and really didnt want to put the training wheels back on so he took her out to see if she could ride her bike without them and she took right off like she had been doing it for years. Now shes enjoying a bit more freedom than she usually does. She was so excited to wake up and ride her bike the next day - thus the PJs- She just rode around saying Im riding my bike without training wheels, wahoo!!.

Supplies in EXIF

    Super cute! Love the blended photo.
    How exciting for your little girl.
    gorgeous LO.
    This is a wonderful layout. Great job!
    Love the blending and your color choice. This is a darling LO!
    What an adorable story and photos! I love this! Great work on your blending and the framing is just delightful! Super fun LO, great work!
    This is awesome! I love the journaling and the layout is straight forward and effective. Nicely done.
    Love the blended photo and the colors. The photo in the circle looks great. Love your journaling.
    Fantastic page! I love how you used the photos of facing the camera and riding away. Wonderful journaling too. Love it!
    This is such a wonderful page! I love the blending and journaling. So special! What a wonderful moment frozen in time! Great memory page.

    Adorable and very beautiful layout! I love your sweet photos and the larger blended background.