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Ben Nevis


© Hilary Locke

Ben Nevis

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Outline of Ben Nevis taken from postcard

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Let me explain…… Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in the U.K. Every year people walk to the summit, some carrying pianos or beds or dressed in silly costumes. A few days previously we had seen a group setting off up the hill, one girl dressed as a Mexican. On the day we went to base camp aka the Visitor Centre it was raining and the summit was under cloud. The mountain looked very forbidding. That prompted Peter to deliver this classic line!

Peter: It'll take more than a Mexican hat and a false moustache to get me up there!
Hilary: This is as far as I'm going!

    Very funny Hilary! The overlay of Ben Nevis is terrific.
    Great page! I love your journaling and how you put your funny reactions in bubbles!
    I also love your background and how you pput the photos over it! Really wonderful layout...
    Oh I agree with Peter! Love the tones in the background, the image showing Ben Nevis' details and the story to explain the caption - this is great fun and worth remembering!
    Oh my now I have the giggles..what a super fun layout!
    How funny! This is delightful. I really like your outline of the mountain range - it's a neat touch. Your background really makes it feel like a rainy day.