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Toynbee Shadows


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Toynbee Shadows

I took these photos when we were out walking on evening. A fun and different way to showcase the kids and myself.

papers and elements from my Taffy Pull Kit (Rhoda Design Studio)

    I like the idea of the sillohuett's against the trees. The light brown in the paper and orange in the circle compliment the bark beautifully. Well done!
    Very nice layout, and a unique way to capture the images. Well done!
    Clvere idea, nicely placed.
    I think this is awesome. I love your shadow photos and the colors of the papers that you used. Really lovely layout.
    Thanks :)
    I'm glad I got them scrapped and can't wait to see them printed.
    Such a cool idea, I have done silhouettes, but not shadows, thanks for the inspiration!!!
    Clever!! Love the dots and stripes and the layers!
    Thanks tinkerbell and sodscrap :)
    Oh, what an awesome idea! I love your creativity! We did silhouettes not too long ago - but shadows are another great idea - thanks for sharing!
    I love the idea of the silhouettes on the tree trunk! Going to have to try that one myself some time!