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Forget Me Not

I love these little flowers and their blue color. I also love how they re-seed and come back on their own without any work on my part! :P


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Wow!! THis is going straight into my favorites!! (You had me with the ladybugs!!) Forget-me-nots are among my favorites, too. Like you, I love the way they reseed, as a two year plant. They have an amazing life cylce, and are one of the most pleasant garden surprises. I'm always careful to avoid them when I weed, so I can enjoy their blooms the next year. The blue paper accents the foret-me-nots perfectly, and I love the smaller stamp photos offset against the larger background photo. Fantastic!

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This page is absolutely beautiful. I love the flowers and all those wonderful butterflies (my favorite) fluttering about. The colors blue and purple go so well together.

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