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The Herd

These steers my father-in-law got at auction are so cute...wary and curious at the same time!


Farmstead Collection

Water's Edge Collection

Take Wing Collection Biggie

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LOVE that great background, Angela! What a great photo - I don't think I've ever gotten close enough to one of those to get a photo! LOL They always look like they are thinking of their next move and that move might include plowing me down! LOL Love the window frame with the pasture photo in it. Very cool layout!

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this is so awesome. having grown up in the country, it was a real treat and reminder for me! loved the window frame effect!

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This is so adorable. Love the window and the background paper. Those steers are wonderful. Great layout.

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This is absolutely gorgeous. I love everything about it. I'm also off the land so enjoyed that aspect also. Kay

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