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Skye's Black Houses


Hilary Locke

Skye's Black Houses

My only regret is that I couldnt find a way in the design to highlight the location of Skye on the bg paper (it's in the top left!)


Skye is beautiful but life is hard. The winters are long and cold with biting winds. The soil is thin and poor. Crofters make their living from keeping a few sheep or cattle and fishing. These black houses were once the inhabitants' only housing. The silver grey thatching gives them the appearance of a living entity. Squat and windowless, they press into the side of the hill for protection. Heavy stones hang from the eaves to hold down the roof. A few wild flowers grow in cracks in the walls.

Thanks for looking.

    Wow I bet that is a hard life! They must be hardy little flowers that grow there.
    well you certainly had good weather while on Skye. Its somewhere I would love to go but would hate to live in those houses.
    Very nicely done! We spent a day and night touring Skye last summer -- it sure is way out there! It's beautiful and rugged, but I was happy to get back to town. I love your pictures.
    I love this layout. Your journaling and photos are wonderful. I had to google Skye to be sure I knew where it is.
    I really like the map that you used for your background, Rose - what an interesting layout. Wonderful photos and I really enjoyed your journaling.