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Sea Eagles


Hilary Locke

Sea Eagles

A boat trip from Portree the capital of Skye to see the resident sea eagles. My camera was really not up to thejob of getting a decent photograph of this magnificent bird so I had to content myself with a postcard.

SNU Momento Alpha

Binoculars from internet

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The sign by the harbour announced that the local sea eagle chicks had hatched and that a boat was leaving within the hour to visit the site of their nest. Full of expectation we paid our money and climbed on board. Slowly the boat travelled over the inky water to wooded cliffs where it stopped and cut the engine. Straining our eyes we scanned the view before us for a sign of this magnificent bird. No luck.

Then, with the help of the guide and a large photograph indicating the position of their lookout branch we were able to identify the position of the male sea eagle, keeping guard over his progeny. A large fish was produced and shown to the bird before being thrown into the water in the hope the entice it down. The bird was not to be moved however and stayed stubbornly put at his command post.

    I love your layout. The journaling in the book is great. I like the binoculars.
    Lovely layout -- photos and postcard look great and I like how you cirlced the eagle's perch.
    I also really like your journailng in the book.
    I love how you arranged everything: your book, the binoculars, the loose pictures, and the title. Wonderful journaling, too. Love the circle and arrow! No wonder it was impossible to get a good picture of the birds!
    Love your layout and your journaling.
    What a great layout. I love how it looks like you could just reach in a try out those binoculars. And I love the journaling too.
    Great layout and what a wonderful photo of that eagle!
    Love the field journal. Great layout.