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Dear Tracy and Nathan,

You each had the unfortunate luck of being born into this world without aunts. Your mommy and daddy only have brothers, and your two uncles seem destined to be bachelors indefinitely. But don’t you worry and cry; you have me. Your mommy and I are cousins, but we could practically be sisters. That makes me your “pseudo-aunt.” A title that I wear proudly and take seriously. It gives me the power to spoil you both rotten, and there is nothing your mommy or daddy can do about it! I will always be here for you as you grow up, celebrating each milestone of your lives. I love you both!

Love, your "Aunt" Theresa













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I just LOVE your journaling! I commented on this LO on FB from my phone but I couldn't see the detail well enough or read the journaling there so I had to hop over here to get a better look. It's a fabulous layout Tiza!! Love it :)

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I have a friend that calls cousins like you - "sister cousins". I have two of those and it always confuses the kids that we call EVERYONE Aunt.

I love the colors! Also I like how you used the layers of papers. Reminds me of my paper scrapping days. I am going to use it!

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Tiza, this is just as sweet as can be. Your journaling is so very touching and what a lucky little fellow to have a pseudo auntie such as you. I love all of the little detailsl such as the stitching through AUNT in the title and the ribbon looped through the ring of the binder. The placement of your photos is quite nice using circles against squares. Love the choice of colors as well. Just a great layout in all respects.

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I love all the beautiful and sweet components to this, but aside from the photos, my fav part is the title...so creative with the heart behind and the stitching holding it all down. Great work Tiza!

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