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Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad

I used my Flip Pal Scanner at my sister's house to scan in the wedding pic of Mom and Dad, but did a very bad scanning job and missed the middle of the full length photo. Hence, no full length pic. But, I will do one from a scan the next time I visit. In the meantime, I used the top section of the scan.

I need to do another LO on the gown.....found it (!) wrapped in an old sheet in a very old trunk in my parent's shed. Mom hadn't known where the gown was for many years! It was almost thrown away, and I fought off a flea market dealer who wanted the trunk when Mom sold her belongings before she left the house. Didn't know the gown was in the trunk at the time! Horrors! It was too short for me or DD to wear when we got married. I loved it, though!

I got the words on the certificate to look old (I hope) with Brandy's Inked Text Brushes, Styles and Actions. Also used the brush here and there around the page to make it look a bit older, plus another brush to put some scratches in.

    What a beautiful LO & a terrific memory maker for you & your family.
    Dot, this is SO lovely! The photo is gorgeous; the certificate looks great, and the soft green background shows everything off so well. Thanks for sharing!
    This is lovely Dot. Love the photo and the certificate. You look like your mom. She is beautiful.
    Fabulous photo Dot! I think your scan looks great. I love what you did with the certificate - it looks like the real thing.

    You and your Mom look so much alike, Dot - I could see it in her eyes right away. You've made a wonderful page for the memory books with this one.
    This is a wonderful layout, Dot. I think the scanned photo looks great, and I really like the way you did the wedding certificate in the background.
    This looks great, Dot! The certificate looks very authentic with your brush work & the photo is great - the closeup actually looks quite nice - you were able to make it larger without the rest. Very pretty colors.
    Absolutely grand heritage page! I think your scan is wonderful and I enjoyed hearing about how you used the flipAll scanner and the story behind the LO. And I love your mother's smile.
    So beautiful Dot! I love how you antiqued the background.
    Love how old and authentic this looks. Great photo to preserve and love to see photos of the dress. Amazing story that u found it in old trunk. What shape was it in ? Live the tones of the lo and the embellies
    Dot, this is spectacular! Great job on the certificate!