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2011_07_28 TexturedBackground Paper


© Heatheranne 2011

2011_07_28 TexturedBackground Paper

2011_07_28 TexturedBackground Paper

I first made a template from a section of the photo, which is shown centered on the preview page. I then chose colours from the photo and a stone pattern for texture, to make new papers.

Made with PSE9, on a Laptop PC, with Win7

includes section of photo used for template and brush
includes portion of photo used for embellishment bush

    Wow it looks great!
    Incredible. Love all those colors.
    Oh, you had fun! And creating a brush from the photo makes it so versatile - you can use it over and over in different colors! Wonderful idea, Heatheranne!
    What a great collection of colors!
    Oh Heather looks like you have a real treasure chest there of choices. I can certainly see that you had a great time discovering and designing!! :disappearing-smilie: