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2011_07_28 Textured Background


© Heatheranne 2011

2011_07_28 Textured Background

2011_07_28 Textured Background

Made with PSE9, on a Laptop PC, with Win7
I used a photo that I took when I was in Bancroft, which is in northern Ontario, for the layout image. From a section of it, I made my template and used the stone pattern included in PSE9, as an overlay to give more texture the the background. I then chose a colour from the rock, to colour the background and used the screen setting. From the same section of rock, I made a brush and used it, on overlay setting, behind the photo. I also used the brush to colour the text, with the same colour that I used for the background. From the photo, I chose a section and extracted some of the bush, which I used for embellishments.

Photo of rock beside Highway 62, near Bancroft, Ontario
PSE9_Pattern_Stone - 100%


Rock Face

While driving the
northern highways
of Ontario, many
beautiful rock faces
can be seen.
Because of the
rocky terrain,
the paths for the
highways, are
blasted out of
the rock, leaving
vertical rockfaces.
Sometimes a trickle
of water can be seen
flowing from a crevice
in the rock and in
other places, plants
and trees, take root.
While I enjoy the
views of crop and
animal farms, in
central Ontario,
the shear rock,
trees and small lakes
that are distributed
Northern Ontario
are an awesome
sight to behold.

    Heatheranne, this is so beautiful. I love the colors that you ended up with. The rockfaces are fabulous. I find these type of natural wonders to be awesome. Great job.
    This is so subtly gorgeous - is that an oxymoron? Your photo is quite colorful, though in muted tones, and so full of texture. And I love the papers you created to show it off to best advantage. Beautifully done!
    The rock faces remind me of this part of the country. I just love the soft echo of the rock texture behind the photo. The brush is a wonderful idea - the whole layout looks great!
    This is amazing!! It looks like I can reach out and feel the rock through my computer screen!! Great job!!
    That is just the neatest photo for doing this challenge. Heather you have really done so well with this challenge. Thanks for adding how you achieved everything.
    One word: FABULOUS!
    Really clever, I read the explanation 3 times! Loving the echoes of the rock faces - behind the main page, on the main page, stamped behind the photo and the photo itself. That layered effect gives depth to the rockface. Really really clever.