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Mess or Masterpiece..... MESS!

Well, here I am with another MESS, not masterpiece! To be honest, I think I've even topped my last mess which I thought virtually impossible...:D

i played around with the pieces I was dealt and here's what I came up with.

All I can say this is very good practice at not trying to be "perfect" or worry about posting a crazy looking layout!



"Once upon a time, there was a boy named Zach who went to a Carnival...

He bought a ticket to the "S" ride and went through the pointsettia door. There he discovered that "S" stood for "SURPRISE"!!!

He rode the curves and saw many things.


He saw a tiger lily, two shamrocks and even people having a birthday party!

When the ride finished, he saw that the next part was:

Halloween Trick or Treat"


For this Mess I used:

SNU SS Alpha Photo Collage

MRE Inspired Word Art Tickets

ABR Bootiful Paper Special

DEB Mixed Media Paper

ACA Jif 6: Lucky Day

KSC Believe in MIracles

and my own photos

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This is really fun Marilyn - I love it and I think you did a great job putting it together! :)

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I've been waiting to see this in the gallery!! Great story to attempt and tie everything together. I think you did a fabulous job with the mess of ingredients you were given. Thanks for joining in and being such a great sport about it :)

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I love your story! Did you know you have hidden talents? This is adorable, and actually (in my opinion) beautifully put-together. Definitely more of a masterpiece than a mess!

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Definitely a masterpiece Marilyn! I loved all of the interesting things you put together in your layout - love the tickets with the journaling! Very creative layout.

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Wow... Mari...I am SO impressed with it. Was a creative solution to trying to use the crazy combo you picked. It's executed so well!

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Hilarious!! And so creative :) Mess or Masterpiece challenges make my brain hurt! You rocked it though. Well done :)

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