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Monday GROUP Chal - 110801

Monday GROUP Chal - 110801

I’m in the middle of creating the memory pages for my College friends that get together each year for a Reunion week and thought this page would make a unique ‘group’ for today’s challenge.

The journaling for this page is on the next one, so I’ll try to put a little background in here. Last June, we were down in Orange Beach, AL right at the time that oil from the BP oil spill started coming ashore on the Alabama coast. The trip had been planned for a year & our condo rental was free, so nothing was going to stop us from going! The first 2 days we were down there, there wasn’t too much coming in, but by the 3rd day, you couldn’t walk in the water or on the sand where the tide comes in without getting oil spots all over your feet. These photos show a ‘group’ trying to clean up the oil from the beach. In the background of one of them, you can see one of the boats laying oil booms in the water. Maybe they helped some, but there was still plenty getting through, although it could have been MUCH worse.

Another of our ‘unique’ reunion trips! We spent a week renting an historical beach mansion at Pass Christian, MS a month before Hurricane Katrina wiped it completely off the map. During a trip to DC two summers ago, we were headed to the Holocaust Museum when someone told us that a man had just shot a guard on the front steps. We had originally planned to be there much earlier and might have been right in the middle of it if we hadn’t dawdled over lunch (God taking care of us for sure). We’re beginning to think we might be becoming a jinx.

    Very interesting layout. Loved your photos. I like the glove and the boots.
    This is very well done. Great photos. (Let me know where you plan to go next!!!)
    Great job using un-posed group photos! I love the grungy edge you gave the photos and the background paper. Very appropriate.
    Cool layout! The stories gave me chills!
    Very nice, I like the font style and the inked edges, great photos - what a contrast, such sunny and beautiful photos of a disaster. The woman on the boardwalk adds a hint of loneliness to my eye. Now where are you planning your reunion next time?
    Great story. I particularly like your photo background and the pop of the extracted gloves and boots.
    This is wonderful . . . the crisp photos, the grungy edges, the textured background and those colorful boots and the glove. Now I hope you post the page with the journaling. I love how you tell a story. I'll say a little prayer to help keep you out of harms ways during this year's reunion.