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August Hybrid Nature Swap


Textured green cardstock



Paper bark from the River Birch Tree in my front yard

Reindeer Moss

Guinea feather

polished stone




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Oh, Lei this is so beautiful!

I love the real birch bark and 3D embellishments and the whole "natural" look to your ATC!

I also really like your quotes and serene backgrounds - really such a lovely and peaceful card.

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I was so taken by the natural envelopes that you used on your card, lei. Simply stunning. I would never have thought to use the moss but you are so talented and think of the most creative things ever!! Your card is just fabulous and is a real keepsake and reminder of one very special scrap girl!! Thank you so much for all of your inspiration and encouragement.

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Oh, how pretty! I love your cluster & all the nature elements. Great quote, too. Really neat word art all around.

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I was on my IPhone when I posted here, Lei and I couldn't really say all that I wanted to - your card is just so pretty and honestly, this ATC swap meant so much to me - I enjoyed every minute of my first hybrid ATC swap - (even with all of the whining about the glue and the scissors!) :) :) I can't wait for the next one! It's just more fun than I ever imagined!

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