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August SG Club: Bear Paw

August SG Club:  Bear Paw

The Joyous collection was perfect for our day at Bear Paw with my mom!

    Eye-catching layout! I looked at the pictures before I read the journaling and thought, "What is that big thing she's holding?!" lol My mind had "bear claw" going through it. lol

    Love the happy colors.
    Great layout Jaymee. The bright colors you used really show up your fun photos and I like how you arranged them.
    I also really like the way you put your background together.
    I like the arrangement of shapes & layers. Great photos of what looks like a really fun day! I like your bright clusters, and the way they frame your main photo.
    Great photos. I love the journaling around the circle. The colors are great. Super layout.
    Love the composition, the colors and the photos. Your shadows are superb!
    Ooh - reindeer sausages! I had one once from a cart in Anchorage. And I also love the composition, and your choices of papers and embellishments. Great layout!
    This is really wonderful....love everything about it. I really must learn how to text like that....it looks really great. Congratulations :-)
    Jaymee, what a neat layout. Love the text box and your "Joyous" layers.
    Love how you used the individual photos, great LO!
    Ooo, you added photos to this! I like it, works out great! Looks like a really fun day, too.