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Patriotic Pup

Patriotic Pup

THIS is the kind of stuff I deal with every night when everyone else has gone to bed. The stuff on his snout? Yeah, that's the remnants of sugar from the sugar bowl. The bowl that was on the kitchen counter. The flag was previously in the hand of our wooden 'Marine' that our son Steven and his wife Jess gave us. (I used it in my Memorial Day LO)



    But with that beautiful face, Becky, you have to laugh! He's adorable - I loved your story!
    He's so cute!!! :) Gotta love the sneaky little dogs!
    oh the little details that we fret about. Cute photo - fabulous layout!
    Aaaw he just wanted to be patriotic - my dog would have eaten the flag (possibly the sugarbowl too - she doesn't have very much between her ears!) I love the LO
    :runningdog: :rofl: This is so funny. :shycouch: <------------and this is your dog now! LOve your layout. TFS.
    Oh, dear! At least you got a great photo out of it. It's a great layout and I love your wordart.
    Oh... too funny. Well, maybe it wasn't funny at the time, but I LOVE the expression on his face. I love the layout, especially the red, white, and blue ribbon.
    He looks like my son's former lab. Great photo and layout.