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Come on, Santa!

The top right picture was taken on my first Christmas, in our apartment in Los Angeles - hence the bright sun and overexposure. I think Mother took it - she dated it on the back. The large photo was taken by my maternal grandfather, when Mother and I were living with him while my father was serving in the south Pacific. I called him "Papa" because I couldn't say "Grandpa" at that age, and the name stuck. Papa developed and printed his own photographs. The copy I have of this photo is 11 x 14; he wrote his title - my caption - and signature on the lower edge of the print. The title I used is not strictly true - I was 18 months old, and really don't remember any of this, but I've always had the picture to "remind" me. I know the little chair was red - survived long enough to be used by both my sisters and my children.

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I love the expression on you face in the big photo. What a treasure to have. Love how you scrapped these photos. TFS.

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