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Hanging Out


© 2011 Laurel Lakey

Hanging Out

Journaling: "quite literally! while our clothes dryer was out of order for a few weeks (!) we had to resort to the old-fashioned way of doing things -- by line drying our clothes! the boys thought it was a great adventure. i thought so too, at first, i was feeling completely domestic! but by the second week, it started to get a little old. no one tells you that when you dry your clothes outside like that, they get all crunchy and stiff! not very fun to wear sometimes. but luckily for me, we got our dryer fixed (eventually) and got back into business as usual."

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    Great layout! I like the circles. Crunchy jeans and towels are not that great. But I suppose crunchy towels will exfoliate your skin - a bonus!
    Love the title and template. The photos are great and I like the stitching.
    Laurel, I've got to say this, you are on a roll! Fantastic work on the shadows! Love this!
    LOVE that altered alpha and the stitched circles! You've been up to some fabulous work lately:) (I agree with Joyce, must be the new time on your hands;)
    Oh yeah, forgot to mention: I love the eco aspect of laundry outside, but I refuse to wear scratchy shirts or jeans;) The towels don't bother me anymore as long as I think about the environment, lol.