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August '11 Club


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August '11 Club

I used:
Here is the poem I found and really liked:
These Are The Years
These are the years, the gentle years,
The soft and sentimental years
When wee little fingers
Reach and touch
And little eyes gaze
With wonder and trust,
When you love so tenderly
And so so much,
These are the gentle years.
These are the years, the rainbow years,
The quiet, walk-on-tiptoes years,
And smiles and sighs
When both of you watch
With misty eyes
The tiny bed
Where a cherub lies,
These are the rainbow years.
These are the years, the tender years,
The blissful, sweet-surrender years,
When your little treasure
From above
Is the soul and purpose
And center of
Your plans and dreams
And dearest love,
These are the tender years.
- Barbara Burrow

    This brought tears to my eyes! My two little girls are growing up way too fast... love the patterned background mat, and the dimensional frame. Very pretty!
    Beautiful way to use the club!
    Loved the poem, and that you chose B&W for the photo. Great reminder to treasure these years!
    Just looking throught the gallery and saw your lovely LO and then I read the poem and just had to comment, "Thank you!" The photo is gorgeous and the poem just adds such beauty to it!