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Sour Cream & Vegetables


© 2011, Barbara Crane, all rights reserved

Sour Cream & Vegetables

This is one of those recipes that sounds very strange, unless you grew up with it. I've met a few people who've also made a similar recipe, but not very many.

My father would make this on a hot summer Friday evening, and we'd sit outside and eat it with bread & butter, iced tea (or beer) and enjoy. I think he learned it from his mother, but since he was born in 1913, I never met her.

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    Barbara, this sounds right up our alley! Or should I say, to our tastes! We love things like this - have never seen this dish before but it sounds so good and I will have to give it a try. We love cukes, scallions and Rich adores radishes, so it has to be a winner! Thanks so much for sharing this! And what a wonderful memory of a cool summer dish you have kept close! (I won't even tell you about my Dad's "secret" recipes that he used to fix for me and my sister for breakfast on weekends - he never told us what it was but when we found out, we never ate it again!)
    That is different, but cucumbers go great with sour cream! The card is really pretty - I like the colors & the sewing embellishments are a neat touch.
    Sounds good to me! But I like pretty much any veggy as long as you don't cook it! My favorite summer time dish is vine-ripened tomatoes, cucumbers, and onions in cottage cheese. Or pasta salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, celery, onions, and cesar dressing and mayo (nothing but regular Kraft for me!). Gosh, I'm getting hungry. I think I have a little of the cottage cheese dish left . . . bye!
    Love the great cool colors in this card. This recipe does sound interesting. My DH would love it so I just might have to try it! TFS
    What a pretty card. I'll be trying this recipe soon. Thank-you for posting.
    What a pretty card. I'll be trying this recipe soon. Thank-you for posting.