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Swap 4 Nicole_2011-08-01


© Heatheranne 2011

Swap 4 Nicole_2011-08-01

Swap 4 Nicole_2011-08-01

Made with PSE9 and CS5, on a Laptop PC, with Win7
I just got CS5, so was playing around with cubes and came up with this layout. I'm very happy with the cubes and the aqauarium, but not so much with my composition, so I'll make another where I'll pay more attention to how the layout is put together. lol Hope you like something about this one though. :-)



Fur Babies and Crawlers

    LOVE the cubes! What a creative idea! You do absolutely the most wonderful layouts! This is just awesome - creepiness and all! Heehee!
    I love this! The aquarium is perfect and the photos in the cubes are very clever! Nicole will love this!!
    If this is what CS5 can do, then I want it. I love the cubes. Well done. Wow.
    Like the others - love those cubes and the aquarium... do NOT love the crawlers ... blechh!
    Carla's definitely right, I do love these! Never thought someone could manage to put pictures of dogs and scorpions and spiders together, but you managed to! Great Job!
    The cubes are super! Have you played with the puppet warp in CS5 yet, try it, you'll like it. :)
    The cubes are inspired...great work. Love the aquarium theme, so clever. Another dynamite layout.
    Very clever use of the cubes and aquarium!
    Wow, the cubes are so cool! I like the sand background & the interesting way you used the crawlies as embellishments.