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Swap 4 Nicole2_2011-08-01


© Heatheranne 2011

Swap 4 Nicole2_2011-08-01

Swap 4 Nicole2_2011-08-01

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Family Pets
Queenie was Grandma and Grandpa’s German Shepherd, back in 1991. My grandma had spoiled this dog with all sorts of snacks like ice cream and frosted oatmeal cookies! After my grandma passed away, Queenie and Grandpa came and lived with us. She was a fat dog, but a very loving one!
We got Kristie from someone who abused her. She was very skittish at first, but once she became used to us, she became really hyper! When we would let her out in our fenced back yard, she would take off and run super-fast around the whole thing 4 or 5 times before settling down. We had a fire at our house in 1991. Apparently I was hysterical, so my mom handed me Kristie to calm me down. Handing a hyper dog to a hysterical 7 year old wasn’t probably the best choice, but it helped I guess!

    Now this is precious! I love that you included so many pics! And loved the way you did your journaling! Such a happy layout with cute little pets! Very artistically done!
    Great job with this one, too! I love the book with the journaling and the embellishments at the corners! Thanks for joining the swap!
    Great layout. You did a terrific job with the cubes.
    Don't know how you did those cubes but they look great! Love that Junk in the Trunk collection, I use it a lot - you have picked the perfect match for these pics, the colours and embellishments are both wonderful. You did really well to get so many photos in and I like that you included the journalling :-)
    This is awesome. I love the cubes. Great photos and journaling. I like the journal book as well.
    I love this, Heatheranne! The cubes are just too cool! Thanks for the layouts! They're all great!
    Another great LO, you are having fun with those cubes aren't you Heatheranne. LOL They are looking great!
    This is a GREAT layout, Heatheranne! I love the photo cubes, what a great way to get a lot of pictures on a page without crowding. Love the layered background and the journaling book. Such a wonderful composition.
    Cute layout, love the binder for journaling.
    The cubes are really neat! I like the textures of the background, too. Great job with the journaling - it looks so good with the photos.