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New Glasses

New Glasses

I knew exactly what I wanted to do for this LO as soon as we found out Janessa was in fact getting glasses...however getting it to flow has been a challenge for me.

SNU_FollowBliss for pretty much everything on the page
SNU_SSPaper_EditableBorders-Bracket for journaling

    She looks adorable in her new glasses! Saturday's colors look great with these photos, too. I like how you put the two pictures side by side. Lovely paper stacking and journaling. Isn't it strange how some pages just go together effortlessly and some we struggle with? This one was worth the hard work!
    I LOVE what you did with your layout, Julie! I love the pics side by side with the new glasses over both pics! How creative and unique a page you've created! Just adorable! And Janessa looks so pretty in her new glasses!
    This is so cleaver and unique! Janessa looks so cute with her new glasses! I like the "blurred" heart shape. I don't know it you intentionally did this to indicate she had blurred vision, but it works for me! So adorable!

    How clever to show the clear vision through the lenses. Well thought out and created - looks great and so does Janessa. What a darling girl.
    What a cute and clever page. Love the glasses.
    I think this is so clever. Love the glasses.