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New Gladness

Photo - Late summer black eyed Susans, used mezzotint filter fine dots on background and medium lines on flowers

Papers - Lunchtime Buffet by Joyce Paul Designs, Old Plaster, Papers 6 and 7 by Friendly Scrap , March Colour, #1 by Scrapastrophic Sensations, Pure White by Brandy Murry

Framing Pattern - Fantastic Frames, Hummingbird, by Brandy Murry

Bottom Trim - Delicate Edgers by Jan Ransley

Fonts - Pea Jack and Jane and Riesling

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This is absolutely beautiful, Judy. What a wonderful poem. I'm going to have to copy that one down because it's exactly how I feel!

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Gorgeous. I love the poem. Beautiful photo, gorgeous cluster, great background and lovely border. Great layout.

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Judy!!! This is so pretty. I love the color of your photo and how everything just pops off the white. Beautiful page.

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