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Looks like we share the same taste in books. I have read almost all of them as well. When I saw your collection released it was a must have. Love, love, love your style. Very classy.

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I know I pmailed you, but had to come here and comment as well - Superb job on the collection, and in particular this layout. Fantastic work! And I too have read at least 1/2 and the other 1/2 was pretty much already on my to-read list. lol


WE oughta start up a book club thread given many of our similar tastes in books, lol

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I love this layout. I'm going to Scrap Lift it. I've read a few of the books. Want to read 'The Help, as I've just seen the movie. Great choice of books. Need to get some of them for my 'Nook'.

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