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Week 35

Week 35

All the photos on this page. We had such fun on our outing to Fish Hoek, St James and Kalk Bay. TCS_SSDLO_Storyteller_2_12x1



SBA Basic Shadows6501

    Belle, these two pages are wonderful. The fun and love just shows through each and every photo.
    Oh, Belle what a wonderfully happy page! Looks so like my sister and I -- sister fun is so unique and always involves hyseterical laughing! :D
    I like how you arranged the photos on the page and I love that everyone is laughing and having a fun time. Great two page layout!
    Looks like so much fun! Lovely page and I really like how your two pages work so well together.
    What a joyful layout! Interesting how the center photo repeats the grid look of the layout. At first glance I thought those were four more separate head shots, in other words, a 16 square layout.
    I just adore all of the wonderful shots of everyone having the grandest time!!! Just look at those smiles . . .
    The pictures truly tell the story here. You all look so happy. And I love the purple. Great page!
    I think I want to hang out with you and your sisters, it looks like you enjoy each other's company so much, what a gift!
    Belle...this layout makes me smile big time. You all look like your are lovin life and having a blast. Love it!!!!!!!