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Thoughts on a Bridge

Thoughts on a Bridge

The tutorial that was in the Aug 31 newsletter really was great! This is what I did trying to copy the techniques in GIMP. There are two photos and one background paper with lots of fuzzing on the edges of the photos. I also used the Value Mode which is the GIMP equivalent of the luminosity for photoshop, I think. I made one mask on my own & used one GIMP brush mask. Oh, I also used a bit of a color overlay to make the skin skin color instead of green. I had such a lot of fun with this, thanks so much, Brandy!

My poem if you can't read it:
Water rippling over sunlit rocks,
I stand above and watch the play
of moving sunlight over time smoothed stone.
Then I take up my pack again
this bridge is but a begining,
the woods - a tiny patch of wild -
is calling me.

I used:
font: Segoe Script bold
brushes: KSC Breathe Swirls, MST Scrap Simple Striped Ribbons
created with GIMP

    This is beautiful! And so is your poem. Very nice job blending! The butterflies and yellow border are perfect accents.
    Pretty LO AggieB! Like how the wooden bridge leads the eye to the central figure. Great use of mask and blending.
    Lovely job here, Aggie! I too have been enjoying the blending tutorial - you put it to great use here. And your poem fits so well here.
    This is beautiful! Your poem is lovely--I can just imagine that perfect moment of tranquil stillness, and then it's time to move on. Such is life! Beautiful blending work.
    What a beautiful piece and a wonderful poem.
    Aggie, this is such a gorgeous layout! I love how serene it is and your photo is great, too -- I love what you did with it and thanks for explaining how.
    I also really like the swirls along the bottom and the pretty butterflies and your poem is perfect.
    Very nicely done, Aggie. I love your blending work.
    This is so beautiful! I LOVE your poem and the graceful way you presented it and the photo with the swirls and butterflies. This is a gem.