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Tues.Freebie 9/6

Tues.Freebie 9/6

Today's freebie is Sara Beth's Shark Lagoon sailboat embellishment. I immediately thought of the San Francisco Bay and all of the seagulls we saw on the fishing piers.

Supplies are in EXIF data.

    Tiza this is a wonderful layout. I love the blended photo of the bridge in the background. Makes me want to go back to San Francisco.
    This is a great page! I like how you blended the photo into the background! The colors you used really show off the seagulls! Your journaling brought back memories of my visit to the bay area! The cool breeze and seagulls flocking around for food!

    Beautiful layout!! Beautiful blending of the bridge photo and perfect colors!
    Great photos of those crazy birds!! I think it's been said...but great job blending the bridge photo into the background! Great alpha for the title too!
    Awesome layout!
    This is a wonderful layout. I love the actual layout of the pictures, and you have done such a nice job with a relaxing feel. Great layout, as always! :)
    Tiza - this is great!! I love the blended background - the bird photos, and the title with the sailboat. Great!!
    perfect use of the freebie and what a great subject matter!
    Love the photo and the colors. Really lovely layout. That boat is so cute.
    Beautiful everything!