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hybrid frame - 1

hybrid frame - 1

i used the hybrid mirror frame tutorial that someone shared in the newsletter a few weeks ago. piece of cake, only the face of my frame was 8.75 wide so it's a little short but on top of paint, won't make any difference. really proud of getting the math right on the opening - LOL! this is the kind of hybrid stuff i can deal with - not too much extras required that can't be printed (i will print the flowers separately to give it a 3-D look). this was fun and EASY! thanks to whomever is due for a great tutorial. now to make one more for the teenager!

supplies used from the Jubilant Collection, and one masking frame.

    Great job Dianne! This came out sooooo nice - I just love it!

    BTW, the tutorial was written by Amy Flanagan (Mimes)
    This is great, Dianne! I love the colors you used - it's so pretty and girly!
    I remember that mirror and newsletter so searched on the SG homepage for "mirror" and the August 16, 2011 Newsletter came up - it was Amy Flanagan!
    Hope that helps! :)
    Looks great ! Glad you enjoyed it !
    It's darling!
    This is great. What a neat project. Fab job.
    Wow, you did a great job with this frame. It's lovely.
    Gorgeous!! I love it!
    Nice job, Dianne!!