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Photos of caterpillar, chrysalis, and monarch butterfly I took 2 years ago when we found the larve on a milkweed leaf. We put it in a mason jar and watched it hatch, eat, grow, and change right before our very eyes!

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What an inspiring and beautiful card, Lei - I loved reading how you mothered this beautiful creature of God into a beautiful butterfly. What a wonderful thing to do and you've scrapped it's life so beautifully. Your verse is perfect for this amazing act of kindness and I love everything about it. So lovely. And absolutely a great reminder about encouragement for so many obstacles in our lives. Thank you for sharing another of your God Whispers.

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Lei, I loved the other version, but I do think I like this one even better! So happy to see it larger so I can really see your beautiful photo so much better!

And, I do like the addition of the darker torn paper and the ribbbon. Gorgeous card!

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How exciting & what fun that must have been. I like the card here - neat earthy colors and the torn top edge is very different.

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