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I Heart Latte!

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I first discovered Cinnamon Tea Latte at Disneyland. I loved it so much that after we got home from one trip my sweet husband went on a search for it. He called Disneyland and was put through to the Market House where they sell it in cups but not as a mix to take home. One nice lady read the label on the box to KC and then he went to search the web for McSteven’s. He found it and ordered me a 5 lb. bag! I drink my tea most every day. During the holidays I add Pumpkin Spice creamer. Recently I’ve discovered White Chocolate Caramel creamer! Mmm! Every time I drink it I thank God for blessing me with my tea and my sweet husband who loves me enough to go through all that trouble!


© © 2011 Shari D. Payne

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Neat. The brick wall is an interesting background & I like the little framed hole where you put the photo. What a great story, too - your dh sounds like a real sweetie. Have you tried chai tea? I've had that spiced tea mixed with cider - yum, yum!

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Yummy! Funny - I have a mug set looks exactly like this - I love the shape and the clean white. Makes any hot beverage look extra yummy!

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