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Beautiful Maeve

Here she is!


LOL, LOL, I can use pink and collections I've owned forever and have not been able to use! Yippee!!!


She's a sweetie...looks much tinier than her 9 lb 5 oz self, and has a high pitched cry, unlike her brothers. This is Maeve on Day 6, just home and all in green, but she's been in pink ever since! DD always loved the name Maeve and after three boys, finally got a chance to use it. Daddy gave her the middle name of Loren...they had considered Irene, but she was born the week of Hurricane Irene and they decided against it. So, Maeve Loren, a pretty name for our first granddaughter!

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Oh, Dot she is as beautiful and more as her pretty name! What a sweetie - and so alert for only six days in this world!

I know you must be missing her and her brothers.. Even if you DO get to sleep a bit, now!

Your page is gorgeous - love the soft, delicate colors just like a precious newborn! I also really like you including her birth certificate - what a wonderful first layout for Maeve!

I've been anxiously awaiting to "meet" her and her SG debut! Thanks! :)

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How precious! And like MariJ said, so alert! She's ready to take on the world and I'm sure she already has her brothers wrapped right around her little finger!

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Congratulations Dot aka as "Grandma Dot". . .judging by this LO I think you are going to have a lot fun using pink. This turned out adorable. Almost, not quite, as adorable as Maeve.

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