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Little Entrepreneur


2011 Shari D. Payne

Little Entrepreneur

For Armi's Lemonade Stand Collection Biggie.


Lately Kalyssa has been wanting a Barbie Fingernail Printer. We've told her it's gotten bad reviews and it's $180. We don't think it's smart to pay that much for something that probably won't work. She wants it so bad that she keeps begging to have a lemonade stand to make the money. She's even tried making a sign to sell face painting. She charges too much though. I don't think people will pay $15 for a glass of lemonade. But I do love her spunk!

    Precious layout. You have to love her attitude.
    This is one of my favorite layouts that you've ever done Shari :) Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!
    I love this layout Shari!
    I love the way you constructed the scene for the picture. Just adorable..