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Marylou's Retreat Basket

Marylou's Retreat Basket

I am going on a retreat Saturday, and we were each asked to bring a basket (or description of what our basket might look like) that told something about us. I (of course, lol) decided to do mine virtually.

I struggled a bit with the title, but decided I liked the blending against the different colors in the sky (the photo at the back of all this.) My description running down the side says something like: Digital scrapbooking, photography, road trips, reading, playing games, crocheting, Farmer Dave's, Bible study groups (each of which are represented in the basket.)

Halibut State Park; MLL stone template (background paper); Durin Eberhart Memories of collection (basket); Jen Reed Come As You Are (filmstrip); Cindy Rohrbough Rustic Alley (leather tag); Angie Briggs Warm Embrace (string)

    Lovely page MaryLou and how clever to make your basket digitally! I love what you included and how you arranged them and your title and background looks pretty! :)
    What a clever idea to make a virtual basket! I love how you managed to fit in all those items! Very nicely done. I like your blue background, too -- it sets off the other items beautifully. I also like the title work. By the way, I'm a Susan Wittig Albert fan, too!
    Ohhh - I like your Hershey bar! A well thought out and well put together basket. What a great idea.
    What a neat idea, and I love your basket.
    what an original idea that you used! and it really describes your interests, cool!
    Very very clever. What a great idea. Love you layout.