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A Day in the Park


Rozanne Paxman

A Day in the Park

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    sure looks relaxing! I am very content to look out the window and see my youngest two playing happily with the kittens sitting under the walnut tree!
    I enjoyed your Muse when you wrote about sitting in your blue chair in the park, Ro. I am very content to do the same thing - I actually have 2 blue chairs that I can wile the day away in some days in my yard. Love your placement of the pics and the trees bordering the layout. Great idea and something we all certainly can do!
    Such a great layout! I love the background with the trees, and the pictures look so peaceful. I really enjoyed the article that went with this layout, too. As always, very inspirational. Thanks for sharing!
    Beautiful layout Ro. I love the trees on either side and the birds.
    Your background paper with the little birds is just charming. Very nice word art in your title. What a wonderful way to run a business!
    I love this page. What better way could there be to run a company than sitting in a park.
    Ahh! So that's the secret! Maybe if everyone did, the world would be a better place! :) (PS - really eye catching layout!)
    Just lovely. Love the tree background. I bet this was such a great way/place to work!
    Love this layout, Ro! The trees, the little birdie, the cluster of photos in the bottom ... it's all so well-balanced and catches your eye. And I love the concept behind the layout too!