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9/23 Morning Coffee Mug

9/23 Morning Coffee Mug

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Morning Coffee from my favorite mug. Why it is my favorite... dunno, it's just a habit I guess to pick this one for my first coffee of the day.

    LOVE It! Love how you scrapped your step by step routine making your cuppa coffee! Very cool layout!
    Cute layout - I love your photos and how you scrapped your morning coffee and I laughed at the "beep beep"!
    Love your step by step layout. I like the way you make your coffee. Great colors and arrangment of photos. 'Cool' layout.
    This is such a cute page. Great idea showing the step by step process.
    I love how you showed us the step-by-step process. How did you ever do it before you had that cup of coffee? Maybe you photographed the second cup, :)
    I like you arranged everything, and the colors, and especially the patterns. Lovely!
    Fun mug! I really like the way you scrapped your morning coffee recipe, beep beep! Cute!!

    Thanks for participating in the challenge!
    i love the idea of the page ... so creative!