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Tues. Freebie 9/27

Tues. Freebie 9/27

Today's newsletter freebie is the ScrapSimple Paper Templates: Pop Up Special by Brandy Murry. I treated the paper as a frame around my photo.

I took this photo of Muir Beach on my vacation to California. My family and I climbed up the cliff overlooking the beach, which is where I took the small self-portrait :)


    Oh I just love this! When we went to San Francisco a few years ago I so wanted to go there. We made it to Muir Woods, but my MIL was so worn out we ended up not continuing on to the beach. :( I really wanted to see the lighthouse, I love them.
    Oh wow, this is just beautiful
    Beautiful beach! Pretty layout and great self-portrait, Theresa!

    Beautiful beach! Pretty layout and great self-portrait, Theresa!

    It was very windy up there on that cliff! I was too lazy to Photoshop my hair back into place ;)
    Awesome layout. Love the photos, both of them, I like the natural look, so no need to photoshop. This is such a lovely freebie. The colors are lovely and I like the flower cluster.
    Theresa, what a gorgeous layout! I love how you used the freebie and your photo is beautiful - that must have been some experience!
    I also really like your self-portrait. Great idea and wonderful remembrance to have in later years! :)
    Beautiful Layout!!! I love the freebie.
    I like the wind-blown hair! Lovely photo -- and I like how you used the frame for it. Gorgeous cluster of your photo, the clip, and the (I think) wild strawberries). I love it.
    Fabulous photo and great use of the freebie. Muir Beach is beautiful. I never did get there while I lived in California. Maybe on one of my next trips. Love the flower cluster.
    what a beautiful view and you captured it so well in this layout!