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9/28 The Brownie Sundae that Won

I couldn't put the real title on the layout because we were told to use a two word title. ;)


1. an odd number of photos of an event where food was involved (party, holiday, trip, restaurant, the food itself)





2. use a template or sketch - ACA SS DLO Lots Of Shots 2





3. what colors come to mind when you think of food? choose 2 for your papers and pick a paper with a pattern on it (2-3 papers)





AWI Murano


ASO Eventide


ASO White Linen (made into photo frames)





4. use at least 5 different embellishments from products you've never used before





CRO Wandering Garden hearts


STI Joyous thought bubble


scrapmuss kindhearted smiley and heart brads


CCR MiniGolf word art (time together), to which I clipped MRE Inspired Paper to change it's original green and blue letters


sm cc edm blue brad


PWR Acceptance green ribbon


SNU SSEmb Folded Paper flower


LHA Vintage Pretties tag, to which I clipped the same MRE Inspired Paper and used a layer style to alter it





5. journaling (below)





6. use a style, a brush, and a 2 word title anywhere on layout style mentioned above, ran out of time for a brush, title: Time Together (It was a mommy-daughter date.)







When we arrived at Carlos O'Kelly's, we were told to expect a 15 minute wait. Rhiannon got impatient after ten minutes, and after fifteen minutes we were told it would be about ten minutes more. She looked exhausted after all that waiting. Fortunately, we started chatting with the lady next to her, who asked a lot of questions of Rhiannon, and the time passed more quickly. Upon being seated Rhiannon quickly completed most of the kids menu activities while she waited for her mac n cheese. After being filled with macaroni and cheese, she was happy. I had tortilla soup and about 1/2 of a good taco salad. We got the 3 Course Fiesta deal, but it wasn't a great deal after all. It's too much food.I meant to bring the rest home to share with Robert. But I forgot the box. She remembered this brownie sundae from when we were here a long time ago, and she wanted it again. She generously offered me one bite of brownie, but refused my request for a bite of ice cream. She worked on it steadily, with great determination. My dessert was apples and cream wrapped in a flour tortilla. It was okay. Might have been better had I not been stuffed full of taco soup and salad. Being stuffed didn't deter Rhiannon for quite some time. She' started to look tired. It' started to look like work. But she was determined to finish. She smiled when I gasped and asked if she'd given up. The ice cream won. She couldn't take another bite. She returned the unwanted cherry to top of the remains. February 20, 2009



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Oh gosh I love the way you've tilted photos and adapted the template!! Super cute. Look at all that journaling!! I love a story well-told! Great job :)

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My daughter Rhiannon, the subject of the photos above, has this comment on title. "It can't be 'time together' because you're not in any of the pictures." LOL


I explained how I happened to have this word art and the two word title requirement . . .


. . . but she has a point! :D

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I love, love , love your journaling. What a great time you had together. I like the way you used the template. Wonderful layout.

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What a wonderful layout! I love the arrangement of photos how you have lots of room left for your awesome journaling! Thanks for joining the challenge last night!

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