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Blue Jay Fledgling


© by Thea Nelson

Blue Jay Fledgling

My sweetie-pie, big dog was looking intently at the grasses when I finally saw the little fledgling. Fortunately, I had a camera and managed one shot before the little blue jay hopped deeper into the underbrush. Fledglings always have a slightly "not quite ready for prime time look." This little guy did survived his few days on the ground.
Background - KSC_BeauteBotan_Paper_SPEC.jpg

    Lovely photo and pretty layout. Love the frame and colors.
    So cute! He is such a little guy! I have a jay that comes to my office window and begs until I give him a peanut, so your layout caught my eye right away! Beautiful!
    What a wonderful little miracle! You've done a fantastic job of capturing a beautiful piece of nature Thanks for sharing your little friend.
    Awh! What beauty! You've captured a great shot of this little fledgling. Like way you've framed it with blades of grass. Kudos!
    what a great photo to capture :) beautifully done.
    Wow! What a wonderful photo this is. It's a good thing you had your camera with you. Shots like this don't happen often. I love your background paper and how that green grass shoot just right out of the photo. Your green frame and flower clusters add to the prettiness of the layout. And I really like your title.
    What a great layout, and photo. Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo.
    I love the way to picture sticks out from behind the frame a bit.