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Michigan Apples











The Michigan apple indusry

is dominated by small family

farmers operating their

own orchards. Michigan

ranks third or occasionally

second among states

production behind

Washington and New

York. Michigan does

lead the nation in number of

fruit stands & farm markets

and is famous for the flavor

of it’s “Northern-grown






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What a lovely card, Lei. I too enjoyed reading your journaling. We sure do learn a lot from these cards. I love the Fallish feel to the card and that lovely basket of apples. Great job.

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You make the best cards! I love the contrasts of soft blends and sharp-focused photos in the "A" and embellies. The colors are great, too. Creative and lovely! And you sure make those "northern" apples sound yummy. Is there any chance you might mail an apple pie along with the cards? ;)

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Wonderful ATC! I especially like how you did the "A" in your title and the sketchy apple background. Everything seems to compliment each other nicely! - and I learned something :)

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Very nice! Very interesting & the lo is lovely. I especially like the little apple basket & the script font in your title.

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Lovely ATC, Lei! I like the sketched apples in the background, and the small Letter A apple collage in the corner.

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