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2011_09_29 Thursday_Make your own paper


© Heatheranne 2011

2011_09_29 Thursday_Make your own paper

2011_09_29 Thursday_Make your own paper

Made with CS5.5, on a Laptop PC, with Win7

I made a paw print paper and a plain blue grungy paper for the mat, because I'm not fond of a large amount of pattern paper showing. I made border strips from PJO_ProjectMemories_frame_special, to use as embellishment corners.


Five days after removal of Carley's front right leg.

To look at Carley, she seemed to be a happy, playful, bright eyed, dog. On closer inspection, her paw which had been turned backwards so that she was using the back of her wrist was noticeable. Because Carley loves to play ball, she was constantly hurting it, then needed to have iodine and bandages applied.
Although it looked as if she was using it and she was a small amount, it actually got in the way, more than it was useful, because o. f the shoulder and elbow. Her elbow seemed to have been broken or dislodged, so that it wouldn't bend and her shoulder didn't rotate properly. Because of these other problems, when Carley would land after a jump, or would climb stairs, the stumpy wrist would band and drag against the ground, leaving me to believe that most of the new injury was because of the dragging.
After a year of research, watching her and getting her back to health, after the birth of her puppies, the decision was made. Yes, I had thought of using a prosthetic for her, but the shoulder and elbow were too damaged to make that feasible. The only option that was open to me and for the best living situation for her, was to remove the leg.
Carley's stitches will be removed on Monday, October 3rd, then we can start to play again. She has been upset that I won't play ball with her and I was amazed to see her jump up on the bed when she came home, two days after the operation. It's a little harder for her to get down, so she stays down now, but I expect as she heals and her front leg gets stronger, she'll be jumping on the bed again.

    Oh Heatheranne, Carly is so pretty, and this is so sad. I sure hope she heals quickly!
    I think you did a great job on the background paper and I love the colors. Thanks for taking part in the challenge! :)
    Love your papers and your puppy! Sorry to hear abut her challenges. She does look happy on the page though. Great job on the challenge.
    I hope Carley continues to mend quickly and well. Great job on the background paper and I like the blue with her white fur.
    Oh, Heatheranne, I hope Carley mends quickly - bless her heart! I love your layout and I love the background paper - you are just toooooo creative! Great layout!
    What a story this LO tells . . . Aren’t animals absolutely amazing at how well they cope with physical problems without really understanding what is going on? Carley sounds like a hero to me! And you are to.

    Wonderful paper you made. I love the blended look of the prints. And it’s so perfect for this LO. The addition of your border stripes that match the frames is just perfect.

    Keep us posted on Carley’s progress.
    It's so terrible that she was so hurt but amazing how she bounced back after the op.Love your layout. Great background paper.