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Love of a Sibling (Friday Challenge 9/30)

My cousin emailed me this precious photo of Tracy and Nathan.


For the Friday challenge, I combined two layout templates: the layered background papers from Angie's Album Series 11, and the photo cluster from Chere's Life Everyday templates.











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Great layout! I like the way you combined the two templates-great way to incorporate the challenge!


Thank you for participating!

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Wow, this IS such a precious photo! I love the expression on both of their faces and I like how you cropped the pic in a circle.

I also like how you put the different pieces of your background together and i love the mobile!

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This looks great! I love how you combined the templates. Great photo -- I love how she's watching over him, and how he looks like he's ready to play! The bright happy colors and patterns looks fantastic here. Wonderful layout!

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Great job combining the templates Theresa, the page has a wonderfully balanced feel... Your colour choices are just lovely... My very favourite thing though, and which I am just learning the fine art of, is how you cropped that photo to highlight the kids, cropping in so close has really allowed the focus to be on them- particularly Tracy's expression of wonder, just love it!

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Your photo is adorable and I love the title. Good job with the templates and the lovely colors.

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