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Scotty- All Boy!


© Dianna Cullen

Scotty- All Boy!

This was so much fun to make!

Journaling: Three year old Scotty had such a good time during our party in Michigan. He was all boy that day. He ran outside, drank juice, ate cake, climbed and played with his cousins. I found he and the twins, Elizabeth and Leyla, making up a game where they ran up to a tree while holding hands, touched the tree and ran back. They giggled and laughed all the way. I have no idea what tickled them so much, but hearing the giggles and laughs brought a giggle to all the grownups. He was all boy that day, and boy did he show it. He had juice stains across his lips, food stains on his shirt, sticky fingers and sticky cheeks. He had a huge smile all day and was enjoying himself thoroughly. His curly hair was every where, and his mother and I both agreed that it might be easier to just throw his outfit out than it was to wash it and get the grass and juice stains out. He reminded every one of us grown ups what its like to be a kid without a care in the world, and when I remember that day, I have a big grin on my face just like Scotty did.
- August, 2011

Scrap Girl Products used:
Squirt Collection by Brandy Murry
Scrap Simple Paper Templates: Pop Up by Brandy Murry
Camping out Embellishment Mini by Laura Louie
Scrap Simple Type Paths: Summery Type paths by Syndee Nuckles
Scrap Simple Styles: Basic Shadows 6501 by Sarah Batdorf

    This is such a great page. I really like your journaling and your little critters, but best of all Scotty!--He has the most beautiful little face!
    Fun colors and page. It made me smile.